MEN2MEN, Party Saturday 27 May 2017

27 May 2017

Post-Apocalyptic Naked Party
Apertura : 23.30
Chiusura : 11.00
Location : Frutta e Verdura, Roma
Deejay : Paolo Baga Moussa Nino Scarico
Guest DJ
Electronic, House, Progressive House

His passion for beats began with hip hop, but in the 90's his love for electronic vibrations led Moussa to explore the world of progressive electronic music. Soon he realized his true love: love for House music. A Moussa session is a nonstop flight accompanied by angry beats mixed with happy sounds and uneven tones.

His style has many faces. What has been the most influential in recent years is pure house music. And this can be felt in his sets: complex, emotional, sexy and impulsive. He describes his style simply as a classic House. A kind of House that is often forgotten; one of the biggest, diverse and exciting style of electronic music.

Paolo Baga
House, Progressive House, Tech House

Paolo Baga began his artistic career at the age of 17 and over the years became the protagonist of the nights of several clubs in Italy, becoming Resident Dj and Artistic Director of "New Jimmy" in Riccione.

After twenty years Paolo Baga returns to work to Senigallia (his city) as a Resident DJ at Locale, a disco meeting point for the Marche's audience and continues his artistic career to the present days in the best LGBTQI clubs of Italy.

The sound of Paolo Baga is Electro Tribal Dance House.

Afterhour DJ
Nino Scarico
House, Techno

Nino Scarico begins its activity in 1977, characterizing the Roman night. He worked in the best clubs in Rome and Italy.

His definitive affirmation, however, was due to the advent of house music in 1986, when he worked at Alibi, a historic Roman gay club, and continues In his musical propaganda house in 88 at Acropolis and then bringing to Rome the Balearic novelty of the disco bar at Radio London, where he worked from 1990 to 2002 writing pages on his creativity.

In addition to the work of dj, in the 90s he started recording as a producer with great hits like Sydynnah, La Follie - platinum disc in Benelux - Laura O, Rhythm (1992) on Cutting Records Nyc, e dal 1995 to 1998 he collaborated with Harlem Hustlers and other Roman producers remixing the most important songs in the panorama house.