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11 Marzo 2017

Sexy Matador Party – con Salvatores & Sharon Lima
Apertura : 23.30
Chiusura : 11.00
Location : Frutta e Verdura, Roma
Deejay : Paco Johns Nino Scarico Thomas M
Guest DJ
Paco Johns

If there is an internationally renowned DJ with a prolific pedigree, that's Paco Johns, a well-established talent that has touched most cities in the world from Madrid.

With pioneering Spanish roots, Paco Johns moved his first footsteps to DJs in his homeland and then evolved his music into a personal sound with tribal references, techno sounds, vocals and progressive rhythms.

Currently Paco Johns is one of the most active DJs in clubs around the world, always active with projects involving many other producers. With a dynamic discography including solo songs and remixes, his new projects combine studio activity with live dj-sets in various world events.

Guest DJ
Thomas M
Progressive House, Techno

Thomas M discovered the music when he was still a kid. At the age of 18 he bought his first two turntables and a second hand mixer creating his first dj sets. Soon he begins to look for something different, evolving into non-commercial sounds.

With the transition to digital and some demos sent around, it doesn't take long before Brussels's Naughty makes it Resident DJ and since then has started to spin across Europe through Antwerp, Paris, Cologne and Amsterdam.

The music that Thomas plays today is more Techno, together with a non-commercial Progressive music. A warm sound that people dance with him, creating a unique feeling.

Afterhour DJ
Nino Scarico
House, Techno

Nino Scarico begins its activity in 1977, characterizing the Roman night. He worked in the best clubs in Rome and Italy.

His definitive affirmation, however, was due to the advent of house music in 1986, when he worked at Alibi, a historic Roman gay club, and continues In his musical propaganda house in 88 at Acropolis and then bringing to Rome the Balearic novelty of the disco bar at Radio London, where he worked from 1990 to 2002 writing pages on his creativity.

In addition to the work of dj, in the 90s he started recording as a producer with great hits like Sydynnah, La Follie - platinum disc in Benelux - Laura O, Rhythm (1992) on Cutting Records Nyc, e dal 1995 to 1998 he collaborated with Harlem Hustlers and other Roman producers remixing the most important songs in the panorama house.